Above Ground Oil Water Separators Schematic



A. Corona Discharge Ozone System: As the wash water is pumped into the unit, it is injected with a high concentration of ozone via a corona discharge ozone injector system for a “quick kill” of live bacteria on contact.

B. Three-Stage Stainless-Steel Tank:
As the water flows through the stainless-steel three-stage stainless steel tank, it changes the overall flow direction several times as it flows around four vertical baffles. The water is slowed down and fine silt and solids drop to the bottom of the tank.

Oil-Coalescing Media: As the water progresses through hundreds of square feet of honeycomb-shaped meshed oleophilic (oil-attracting) coalescing media, it will change directions countless times. In this process, mechanically emulsified oil particles are attracted from the water to the oleophilic media, and float to the surface.
D. Sloped Solids Trap: Fine silt and particles are dropped to the bottom of the sloped stainless-steel tank for easy flushing and disposal of the accumulated solids.

E. Discharge Port: Once the water has been treated, it flows into the final chamber of the stainless-steel tank and is gravity fed through a 2″ drain line to the sanitary sewer drain in the floor.

Oil Skimmer/Decanter: Once the oil floats to the water’s surface, it is then skimmed into an oil decanter for easy disposal.

Control Panel: This NEMA-4-rated control box makes the equipment simple to operate and is easily accessible.

Submersible Sump Pump:
Untreated wash water is introduced into the system via a 0.5-HP submersible sump pump (not shown in picture).

Typical Installation