Biological Wastewater Treatment Units Schematic


Submersible Sump Pump: Untreated water is introduced into the system via a submersible sump pump, typically located in the sump pit (pump is included with the system, but not pictured).

A. Bioreaction Tank: Untreated wastewater is pumped into the first chamber of the marine-grade aluminum tank, where microbes begin their work. The tank has over 1,000 gallons of holding capacity to provide maximum treatment time from the biological microbes.

B. Biological Media:
The bioreaction portion of the system houses literally thousands of square feet of biological media, where the microbe growth is maximized. To ensure proper and continued colonization, microbes are added monthly. (This process is called inoculation.) A custom blend of fixed-film microbes are used to increase the treatment capacity of the bioreactor.

Liquid Level Floats: Automated liquid level floats keep the water at the proper level throughout the process.

C. Bio Blower: A regenerative blower continually blows ambient-temperature air into the water to oxygenate the microbes. Adding oxygen enhances the microbes’ activity and ability to digest large amounts of organic constituents.

D. Pressurized Tank:
Once the water is biologically treated, it is held in a pressurized container where it will be ready for reuse at 20 GPM and 50 PSI.

E. Polishing Filters: When treated water is required, the pressurized tank pushes the water through a 20-micron cartridge filter for final polishing before use.

Typical Installation