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Solving Sludge De-Watering Box Problems – Cake removal

De-watering Box Cake Removal One problem that can occur when using a de-watering box with a dense sludge is that after drying, the dried material or cake, can stick inside the de-watering box. Filter Cloth is a Simple Solution A simple solution to this is to line the de-watering box with a filter cloth. When you dump the hopper, just throw the filter cloth away along with the cake and start over. An inexpensive Poly Ethylene or Rayon filter cloth works well for this situation. Filter cloth can be purchased in rolls up to six feet in width. A typical ... » Read More

SPCC Plan Checklist for Bulk Oil Storage Facilities

The following check list should be used to determine if your existing SPCC Plan is in compliance and if the FRP requirements for bulk storage facilities is being met. For general information on SPCC plans and requirements — click here. Download and print this checklist in PDF format — click here. SPCC Plan Checklist for Bulk Oil Storage Facilities I. Operator and Owner Addresses and phone Nos. correctly listed. II. Day-to-day Operations and Facility Background described in adequate detail. III. Receiving Water/Probable Flow Paths (e.g., facility storm drain, street storm drain, storm water outfall, overland to river or stream, flood ... » Read More