Project Closure

Innovative Approaches

Wilson has been very successful at negotiating alternative closure approaches that have greatly reduced potential closure costs. Many of these more innovative approaches involves development of a risk-based approach to the closure process. Wilson’s remediation engineers also have a track record of gaining approval for closure approaches that are less costly yet as protective of human health and the environment as the regulators’ preferred alternatives. For instance in one case, Wilson engineers used a hybrid soil cap rather than a RCRA-compliant cap to save a client over $12 million.

Wilson Specialty

Closing major portions of manufacturing plants often requires closure of hazardous waste units. Complete decommissioning activities are a Wilson specialty. We have decommissioned facilities ranging from small manufacturing operations to major chemical plants. Investigation and remediation programs have been designed and implemented for soils, groundwater, and building materials contaminated by PCBs, acids, metals, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, volatile organic compounds, and semi-volatile compounds.

Wide Experience Ranges

Wilson has prepared and implemented closure plans for interim status and permitted facilities. Our experience ranges from straightforward inventory removal, decontamination and post-excavation sampling, to design and installation of RCRA cover systems. These activities have been performed at sites varying from simple container storage areas, to complex surface impoundments and landfills. At numerous locations, Wilson personnel have followed up groundwater contamination investigations by designing recovery and treatment systems to remediate the problem.