Engineering Design and Construction Services

Wilson Environmental offers quality engineering design and construction services — from custom wastewater treatment systems to containment structures, wash bay design and more. Our diverse environmental and engineering expertise combined with our experienced personnel offer services varying from site suitability studies to complete design, construction, and operation plans that include personnel training.

Custom Wastewater Treatment Systems

Custom Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wilson Environmental specializes in treating wastewater. We provide wastewater consulting, treatability testing, custom wastewater treatment system design, treatment system design/build and pre-engineered systems and components.

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Containment Structures

Containment Structures

Wilson Environmental specializes in design and construction management of containment structures that minimize the potential for uncontrolled releases (spills) of toxic elements into the environment.

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Wash Bay Design

Wash Bay Design

Wilson Environmental offers several standard wash bay design packages as well as custom wash bay design to meet your specific requirements — whether it be removal of heavy solids, wash water recycle, or both.

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Here’s the Deal

The use of lubricants, solvents, machine and engine coolants and fuel products is pretty universal. As a result, numerous commercial and industrial companies are required to construct:

  • Containment areas for storage of wastes and products
  • Wash bays for cleaning contaminated equipment
  • Contained work areas for equipment maintenance
  • Storm water and waste water segregation facilities
  • Wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment facilities

Wilson Environmental specializes in engineering design and construction services, and the management of any of these systems and/or structures that minimize the potential for uncontrolled releases (spills) of these commonly used products into the environment.

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