SPCC Inspections and Records

Records of inspections must be kept and made part of the SPCC Plan. These records will provide the only proof of compliance with the regulations. Inspection reports should be kept on the following:

Maintenance Records

  • Records of all repairs or modifications must be kept for three years.

Visual Inspections

  • Regular visual inspections of valves, pumps, piping, supports, foundations.

Pumps, valves, and gauges must be regularly examined by facility personnel. They should be free of leaks, drips, or any defects which could lead to a spill. Soil underneath pumps, valves, and connections should be free of oil stains or pooled oil.

  • Regular visual inspections of diked containment areas for signs of leaks or spills.
  • Regular visual inspection of the dikes or containment structure.
  • Regular visual inspection of accumulated storm water. Must be free of any oil sheen.

*All inspection reports should contain date, time, and signature of employee performing the inspection. Weekly inspections are recommended.

Tank integrity testing

  • Pressure testing of tanks and piping.
  • Inventory records to monitor for leaks or losses.
  • Regular alarm tests.


  • Records of storm water drainage form containment areas.

Certification by Registered Professional Engineer

  • The Plan must be reviewed and certified every three years.