Design/Build vs. Design/Bid/Build

We Design it For YOU

We are flexible in our approach to wash bay design projects. We can offer several engineering design packages for standardized equipment wash bays which we have developed for industrial clients or we can develop custom applications to meet your specific needs. Wilson can take your project through to completion (Design/Build) or we can design it and let you or your local contractor build it (Design/Bid/Build).

Design/Bid/Build is a stepwise approach that allows our clients to have greater control and flexibility over their projects. This type of approach incorporates “preliminary” and “final design” phases. During a “preliminary design” phase, Wilson Environmental will typically review:

  • Site layout and property restrictions;
  • Location of the proposed improvements;
  • Availability of utilities (water, sanitary sewers, power, and gas);
  • Size and type of equipment that will use the area:
  • Type and approximate amount of solids, sludge and other waste being generated by washing operations;
  • Estimate of water usage in the washing operation;
  • Selection of construction materials, tilt wall, metal siding, etc; and
  • Water treatment options and your proposed treatment system.

Let Us Recommend Layouts

After reviewing this material, we will provide recommendations and sketches illustrating the layout and orientation of the proposed wash bay and any additional site improvements which may be required. Along with these recommendations and sketches, we will provide a detailed engineering cost estimate which may be used for budgetary planning purposes.

This will allow you the opportunity to make revisions to the proposed project and handle internal budgeting issues which may impact the project.

Ongoing Engineering Services

After approval of the “preliminary” design and budget, Wilson Environmental can complete the “final” design phase as part of our ongoing engineering services. During the “final” design phase, Wilson Environmental will prepare the detailed design drawings and specifications used to construct the project and obtain the required permits. The concrete in any wet area is generally designed to the recommendations found in ACI 350 (American Concrete Institute) for environmental structures. The final design will typically include:

  • Site Paving, Utility and Drainage Design;
  • Foundation Analysis and Design;
  • Structural Analysis and Design; and
  • Air, Waste Water and Storm Water Permitting.

You may then elect to have multiple contractors bid on the construction or have Wilson Environmental manage the bid and construction process or have Wilson Environmental construct the project. In any case, our objective is to provide you with the support you need to develop and construct your facility and any associated site improvements.