Wastewater Clarifiers for Discharge Schematic




A. Clarifier Tank: 300-gallon or 600-gallon cone-shaped clarifier settles solids. Free-floating oils are removed via an adjustable oil skimmer.

B. Oil-Coalescing Media:
Inverted cone-shaped oil coalescing media attract mechanically emulsified oil while helping to drop solids to the bottom of the tank. Models WCL-10S-0M10 and WCL-30S-0M10 contains two cones while model WCL-30D-0M10 has ten cones and 425 sq. ft. of coalescing area.

C. Control Panel:
This NEMA-4-rated control box makes the equipment simple to operate and is easily accessible (standard on the WCL-30D-0M10).

D. Solids Separation Chamber:
Solids from the wastewater stream settle at the base of the clarifier tank. With the opening of a single valve, solids are easily dropped into a bag filter in the solids separation chamber for effective capture and easy disposal. The bag filter is suspended on a dewatering tray, with drainage returning to the in-ground collection pits.

E. Corona Discharge Ozone Injection: For odor control, the WCL-30D-0M10 comes with a corona discharge ozone generator. The ozone generator has an output of 1.0 gram per hour of ozone for a “quick kill” of live bacteria on contact.

F. Oil Decanter: Oil skimmed from the surface of the clarifier tank is captured in a conveniently located oil decanter. Oil can be removed easily for appropriate disposal.

G. Optional Maintenance Ladder and Platform:
A maintenance ladder and platform is available for the WCL-30 Series, for convenient access to the oil skimmer and to the top portion of the tank.

H. Optional Treated Water Holding Tank: Treated water holding tank for transferring treated water to the next process or point of discharge.

Submersible Sump Pump:
Untreated wash water is introduced into the system via a 0.5-HP submersible sump pump (included with unit, but not shown in picture), typically located in the sump pit.

Typical Installation