Water Reuse in Food Processing

Water Reuse in the Food Processing Industry

Water Reuse in Food Processing? Never.

Using recycled water — no matter how well it is treated — in contact with the food product being processed is unheard of. The food processing industry has very high standards for food processing.  Even the thought of using recycled waste water for the processing of food is avoided. Even though the treated water may be fine, the perception of using recycled water in contact with food is poorly received.

What Does Clean Really Mean?

This raises the question of just what is clean. And what does clean really mean? We will attempt to address this question in our blog over the next several months.

Food Processing Wastewater Still Usable

Treated wastewater from food processing can still be used for many purposes such as:  toilets, mop water, irrigation, landscaping, decorative fountains, cooling towers, vehicle washing and dust control.

The task at hand is to educate the general public that treated waste water from food processing can actually be of higher quality than the local city drinking water.

In the meantime, consider the non-potable applications listed above.  You might be surprised at the savings.