Automating the Fenton Reagent Oxidizing Process

Fenton Reagent Oxidizing Process

Automating the Fenton oxidizing process is easy to accomplish. The treatment process can be
controlled by monitoring pH, ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and Temperature. pH can
be adjusted automatically by the addition of an acid or a base by means of chemical feed pump.

The chemical feed pump is controlled through a PLC based control panel. The desired pH is set
on the control panel and the variable speed chemical feed pump does the rest. ORP
measurements are preset on the control panel to regulate the rate and amount of hydrogen
peroxide being added to the reactor tank and to determine when the oxidizing process is

Temperature is also monitored and used to further control the addition of
hydrogen peroxide to avoid overheating as the Fenton process is an exothermic chemical
reaction. If the temperature rises to high it reduces the oxidizing ability of the reaction.
Leaving only the addition of iron as a manual step as there is no simple way to measure and
control iron concentration. Iron dosage is easily determined by jar testing, and an accidental
overdose does not impede the process.