TSS & BOD Fees

Cities charge Industrial sewer users fees based on volume of waste water and the strength of the wastewater.    Strength is typically measured by two parameters, BOD and TSS.

What is BOD?

BOD or Biological Oxygen Demand (Also known as Biochemical Oxygen Demand) is the main measuring stick for determining the strength of wastewater;  therefore, a lower BOD is an indicator of good quality water, while a higher BOD indicates polluted water.  The strength, or BOD, of wastewater from a home is around 300 mg/l to 350 mg/l.  While treated wastewater will have a BOD less than 30 mg/l.

Why is BOD Important?

BOD measures the demand placed on a stream or body of water for oxygen.  Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the water supports fish and plants living in the water.   A high strength wastewater can cause the DO to drop to levels that will no longer support the life forms in the water.  Causing fish kills and the invasion of undesirable plant life that chock the life from a body of water.

When Do BOD Fees Apply?

Some municipalities will begin to charge a BOD fee for wastewater with a BOD above 350 mg/l, while other cities begin to charge at higher levels such as 1,000 mg/l.  The city will charge for the higher strength wastewater based on their own regulations and formulas for the charge.  The charge is intended to cover the higher costs of treating the wastewater.

Check your water and sewer bill, you might be surprised how much you are paying — then contact us so we can help you lower BOD.

What is TSS?

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) is a measure of the solids that can be filter out of the wastewater.  TSS is reported as mg/l of dry solids in the wastewater.

Why is TSS important?

TSS is important because it gives the municipality a way to anticipate the amount of solids that must be handled at the wastewater treatment plant.   The more solids that have to be handled the more cost.  And that cost is passed on the customer through TSS fees.

In extreme cases solids in industrial wastewater can actually cause clogging of the sewer lines.

Check your water and sewer bill for TSS charges.

How Can I Save Money on BOD and TSS Fees?

Wilson Environmental can assist you in evaluating your fees and offer cost saving treatment options for lowering your BOD and TSS to help you save money.