de-watering box

De-watering Box Basics

What is a de-watering box?

A De-watering box will typically be a hopper with a rectangular perforated plate mounted about 8 inches off the bottom. On top of the perforated plate you can use wire mesh screen, or filter cloth. Securing the filter media is a metal frame with lifting handle. If you want to change out the filter, simply remove the four frame bolts and lift from the center mounted handle.

Sample filter media

When purchasing a de-watering box to separate sludge and water ask the supplier to provide some samples of filter media. Try the different filter media at a bench scale level. Use a clear fruit jar and secure the filter media with a rubber band. Pour in the sludge onto the filter and see which filter works best.

We’re here to help

Wilson Environmental would be happy to send samples of different cloth filters for you to try. Usually one of these will work.  If not, you may need to add a polymer to aid in the separation of solids and water. Give us a call for assistance — we’re here to help.