High Efficiency Waste Water Evaporators



Wilson Environmental provides a line of high efficiency waste water evaporators designed to lower your wastewater disposal costs and help with your waste minimization program. Our units are easy to operate and offer the following features:

  • Evaporation costs as low as $.05 to $.07 per gallon for
    gas-fired systems.
  • Wastewater stream reduction of up to 98%.
  • Technically advanced design for ease of operation and
  • Mild-steel or 316L stainless-steel construction (heated
    and wetted parts).
  • Small footprint for convenient placement in your facility.

Should I consider a Wastewater Evaporator?

Wastewater evaporators are usually used in low volume applications where other methods of treating a wastewater stream are not practical.   Typically used with wastewater streams up to 1,000 gallons per day, with high concentration of impurities, such as heavy metals from plating operations or manufacturing processes.

Typical Waste Water Evaporator Applications

  • Wastewater from Aqueous Parts Washers
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Parts Washing Waters
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Wash Water from Engine Rebuilders
  • Floor Scrubber Wastewater
  • Mop Water
  • Metal Finishing and Plating Rinse Water

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How does a Wastewater Evaporator Work?

The wastewater evaporator is a heated vessel that boils off the water from a non-combustible wastewater stream leaving the residual impurities in the vessel.  To clean, simply open the top panel and using a flat bladed shovel, remove the solids from the flat bottom of the heating vessel.

Can the Wastewater Evaporator be Automated?

 Automation is simple, we offer an optional automated fill feature that allows the evaporator to operate automatically, 24 hours a day.  This simple system feeds the wastewater evaporator by gravity from a wastewater feed tank. The automatic fill feature will shut off when the feed tank is emptied.

Pricing and Specifications
High Efficiency Waste Water Evaporators
MODEL # W-120-G W-240-G W-375-G W-85-E W-125-E
Evaporation Rate
0 to 15 GPH 0 to 26 GPH 0 to 55 GPH 0 to 6 GPH 0 to 14 GPH
120 gallons 240 gallons 375 gallons 85 gallons 125 gallons
Natural Gas/Propane Units Electric Units
Fuel Usage/Hr 175,000 Btu 350,000 Btu 720,000 Btu
Fuel Supply Natural Gas/Propane Natural Gas/Propane Natural Gas/Propane —Electric —Electric
Power Requirements 120V, 15 amp 120V, 15 amp 120V, 15 amp 220V, 1Ø, 40 amp 220V, 3Ø, 70 amp
(L x W x H)
43″ x 35″ x 54″ 73″ x 35″ x 56″ 73″ x 35″x 77″ 41″ x 24″ x 46″ 38″ x 35″ x 54″
List Price Mild Steel Call Call Call Call Call
List Price Stainless Steel Call Call Call Call Call


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