Package Plants for RV Parks and New Home Developments in Texas

Planning to build homes or an RV Park on your property? Don’t have access to city sewer? Better check out the state permit requirements for your planned development first. Sewage treatment for RV parks or residential developments in Texas is explained below.

A permit known as a TPDES (Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permit is required to discharge any treated waste water or treated sewage to any body of water in the state of Texas. That includes rivers, lakes, streams and even dry creeks.

The permitting process is a two-step process.

Step 1

Step 1 is to request what is known as a pre-technical determination from the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) . In this step you tell the TCEQ permitting section about your plans. You will need to identify the location of your project, size of your project and the proposed discharge point, such as the name of the receiving body of water, if it has one. Don’t worry about the flow rate as the TCEQ will estimate it for you based on the number and type of dwellings. You can find the official flow rate table in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) in Section 30, Chapter 217, look it up as 30 TAC 217. When you request the pre-technical determination there is no cost and no commitment on your part. The TCEQ will tell you what your discharge limits will be based on the sensitivity and volume of discharge water. In some cases, such as in the Lake Travis or Highland Lakes west of Austin the TCEQ may simply say, sorry no permits are being issued in that area. Other areas of the state will allow a permit but the permit discharge limits may be so restrictive that the cost to meet the requirements is a deal killer. And of course, some areas are far less restrictive. You won’t know unless you ask. Wilson can assist you at no cost to you or you can do this step yourself.

Once you have the discharge limits we can provide a budgetary cost to see if your project is feasible. The more restrictive the discharge limits, the more costly the waste water package plant.

Step 2

Step 2 of the process is to submit the permit application, the permit fee $150.00 along with your design criteria. We help with this step and can provide the design criteria. Remember that this is spelled out in TCEQ regulations, 30 TAC 217. TCEQ is currently taking almost one year to review a permit application. So plan ahead.

Note: It is against the law in Texas to start construction or installation of a waste water package plant before you have the permit in hand.