Remediation Services

Experienced, Original and Innovative

Wilson staff are experienced in a wide variety of soil and groundwater remediation projects. We weigh site conditions, regulatory requirements and your scheduling and budgetary concerns to design a cost-effective remediation strategy. Wilson engineers have the experience to know when a proven design solution can be adapted to your project’s specific requirements. When standard solutions fall short, we have the expertise and creativity to develop and apply original, innovative designs.

We have performed all stages of the process-from preparing Remedial Work Plans and Construction Plans to conducting ongoing post-closure monitoring. Wilson staff also have a successful track record of negotiating alternative closure approaches that greatly reduce closure costs. For example, in industrial areas it is often possible to realize significant savings by developing and negotiating risk-based concentration levels as opposed to remediating a site to standard regulatory concentration limits. Click each section link below for detailed information about our remediation services:

» Remedial Detailed Engineering Design
» Remediation System Installation and Construction
» Stabilization/Solidification Options
» Incineration and Thermal Desorption Options
» Filter Pressing Options
» Bioremediation and Landfarming
» Remediation System Operation and Maintenance
» Project Closure
» Demolition and Salvage