Removing Recalcitrant COD

What is COD?

COD is Chemical Oxygen Demand and is a common analytical tool to measure the strength of industrial waste water. When COD is not reduced by common industrial waste water treatment methods it is often called recalcitrant COD.

Example of COD using Fenton’s Reagent

An example would be industrial waste water containing Phenol. Phenol is toxic to most microorganisms and is difficult to remove. One way to remove this recalcitrant compound is by chemical oxidation using Fenton’s Reagent. Fenton’s reagent is a powerful oxidizer that is generated when Hydrogen Peroxide is in the presence of an iron catalyst. This produces what is called a Hydroxyl Radical. The Hydroxyl Radical is the second most powerful oxidizing agent, second only to Fluorine. It is far more powerful than hydrogen peroxide alone or using ozone.